Will Trump’s Talk Turn the Trump Rally into Lasting Gold or End in the Trump Dump?

news.goldseek.com / By David Haggith / 2 March 2017

Trump is market magic. The Donald spoke, offering nothing he hasn’t said hundreds of times before in his campaign speeches, and the Dow parted its way through the 21,000 barrier without hesitation. The stock market’s rise from 20k to 21k also tied a record for the quickest 1,000-point gain. How long will this rampaging bull market last? Is 22,000 now an easy reach?

It apparently doesn’t matter that Trump offered no more specifics than he ever has about how he’s going to turn things around or that he has said it all innumerable times. The market heard the pep talk it wanted to hear and rose on the dreams of a rebuilt America.

I, on the other hand, sat there thinking after the speech, Anyone can say over and over how great it is going to be and what great things he has already done, but as always it remains unclear how Trump is going to do them when they depend on congress. Anyone can talk about the need to become united, but that doesn’t unite anyone. Constantly taking swipes at people everywhere (even if though they deserve

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