Which Altcoins to Buy This Week? (May 8th, 2016)

Last week, many altcoins continued skyrocketing to record their all time highs. This rise in the price of many altcoins accompanied bitcoin’s bullish rally, as its price approached the $1700 mark last week on Poloniex. Ethereum gained around 25% during last week’s trading sessions. Monero’s price rose from around 0.016 BTC to more than 0.02 BTC on Poloniex, before dropping down to 0.0188 BTC at the time of writing of this article. MaidSafeCoin also rose to score its all time high last week recording 0.00024200 BTC. By far, Ripple was amongst the biggest gainers last week, as it recorded more than 100% gains rising from around 3800 satoshis to more than 8700 satoshis at the time of writing of this article.

Now, let’s see which coins can represent attractive options to buy for profit this week.


Last week, NEM’s price rose from around 3700 satoshis to around 7400 satoshis recording around 100% gains. NEM is expected to rise even more to around 10,000 satoshis during the upcoming week, so it represents a promising coin to buy this week, especially that the 1 day XEMBTC chart is exhibiting an almost

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