What You Need to Know About Bitcoin’s Upcoming Code Release

Bitcoin’s best-known proposed code change isn’t the only one that matters.

The last couple of minor bitcoin code versions saw the gradual release of SegWit, an upgrade that has occupied the community’s attention as of late. The code change could have a beneficial impact in many ways and by most accounts, but because of reservations expressed by miners and other stakeholders, it’s unclear if and when it will activate.

Despite the standstill, developers are quietly improving bitcoin in other ways.

The upcoming release – version 0.14.0 – is composed of performance boosts and long-in-the-making code shuffles that could pave the way for future upgrades. It’ll be made available once a trial version successfully withstands testing by developers.

As explained by Chaincode engineer Russell Yanofsky:

“There’s been a lot of performance improvements and there’s been a lot of ongoing improvements on the networking code – making it more maintainable. But [developers] are also laying the groundwork, doing all this clean-up to make it multi-threaded and for more improvements in the future.”

At the same time, he emphasized that he’s a new contributor to bitcoin’s code, and the changes beyond bumpfee (a feature for which he is currently leading development) are not his specialty.

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