Was the DAO the Best Thing to Happen to Ethereum? And, Can We Have It Back?

For the first time in human history, around $250 million was stolen last summer, then, by just a code upgrade, the theft was prevented and the money was given back to the rightful owners.

Back then, some said that if ethereum collectively decides to save its own people, the currency is doomed. Now, not even a year later, the market says the currency and platform is in fact worth some five times more than even at its peak before the DAO.

While, on the other hand, the so called immutable ETC chain is valued by the market just above the bottom reached by ETH after the fork. So, were the critics very wrong? Was the DAO fork actually the best thing to have happened to ethereum so far?

The market seems to think so. They probably consider a mature community which was able to quickly reach a pragmatic decision on a very important matter where some $250 million was at stake as something they can work with and trust.

The market clearly values a fail-safe mechanism, employed only

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