War of the Words: Who’s Said What About a Bitcoin Fork?

Bitcoin is abuzz with chatter about the prospects of a possible network split, a development that could drive the emergence of two separate blockchains.

Speculation has grown in recent weeks that miners and users backing Bitcoin Unlimited – an alternative bitcoin software implementation that seeks to change the network’s rule set – may effectively “fork” off the network, if not everyone agrees to migrate to their changes.

It’s an eventuality that has businesses in the industry weighing in again on a long-standing impasse over the digital currency’s future direction.

What’s more, the nature and tone of the scaling debate appears to have sharpened, driven by animosity between those who support one vision over another. As such, a range of bitcoin startups (exchanges, wallet providers, miners and hardware makers) have weighed in on where they stand on the issue.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, much of the preparation seen comes from companies that would find themselves in possession of handling two separate bitcoin assets on behalf of customers should the network split.

A number of the statements, in addition to outlining policy, seek to assuage possible user concerns ahead of a split over the safety – and accessibility – of their money.

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