US Backed “Moderate Rebels” Target French Delegation in Aleppo

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Tweet on Twitter / Vanessa Beeley / JANUARY 8, 2017

In a clear breach of the Russian brokered ceasefire, US backed FSA (Free Syrian Army) division, Company 23, fired upon Aleppo airport. The shelling took place just prior to the departure of a French delegation, led by French politician, Thierry Mariani, after a fact finding trip to the recently liberated industrial, second capital city, of Aleppo. 

According to Fares Shehabi, independent, Aleppo MP and head of the Aleppo Chamber of Commerce, the missiles were fired from an area next to Khan Touman, 8km away from the airport, in a deliberate act of terror against the French delegation. The leader of this group of so called “moderates” is Hassan Rajoob, a colonel who had previously defected from the Syrian Arab Army.


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