Two-thirds of US Navy Strike Fighter Jets Grounded: Navy Claims No Money to Fix Them / BY NEWS LINE / FEBRUARY 12, 2017

21st Century Wire says…

Defense News said that sixty-two percent of the US Navy’s F-18s are grounded and out of service and attributed this to be, ‘mostly because there isn’t enough money to fix them’ and noted they are awaiting planned maintenance and are held up waiting on spare parts. 

One must wonder if there is more to the story. Could this many of the US Navy’s fighters be out of commission when the DoD budget in 2016 was almost 600 billion dollars? How can there not be enough money for spare parts? With RT breaking this story down further, we’ll find that there are many other factors to consider than just not enough money for spare parts. Factors including shore facilities in disrepair, refurbish/retrofit issues for new equipment, the delays in development of a replacement platform such as the F-35 and ‘compounded by over a decade of war…’


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