TSXV: From a PDAC Hangover to Sell in May and Go Away

news.goldseek.com / By: Mickey Fulp / March 06, 2017

A Monday Morning Musing from Mickey the Mercenary Geologist

In two previous missives, I documented the record and seasonality of the Toronto Venture Exchange (TSXV) since its inception in late 2001 (Mercenary Musing, June 13, 2016; Mercenary Musing, November 7, 2016). In the first musing, we demonstrated that there is strong seasonality to the TSXV Index throughout the year. In the second musing, we showed that tax-loss season offers a profitable short-term trading opportunity from mid-December to early January.

I now complete the trilogy with analysis of the TSXV Index over the five month period from January 1 to May 31.

We employ the same analytical methodology as in previous musings on the Toronto Venture Exchange Index. Our technique involves normalizing the Index value at zero on the first trading day of January for each of the 15 years and then plotting the percent change on a daily basis over the period in question.

Previously, we tabulated annual opening and closing values of the Toronto Venture Exchange Index and classified its yearly performances. Bull years (green) are defined as those in which the price closed the year 10% higher

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