Trump’s Flip-Flops and Gold / ARKADIUSZ SIEROŃ / MAY 12, 2017

A lot has changed in American policy since the last edition of the Market Overview. Generally speaking, Donald Trump ceased to be Donald Trump. What do we mean and how can this affect the gold market?

First of all, on April 7, POTUS ordered to bombard Syria. As a reminder, during the campaign Donald Trump argued that the U.S. should not get involved in the conflict. The recent strike signals a retreat from his isolationist tendencies (importantly, Trump has declared recently that NATO was no longer obsolete). It should be welcomed by America’s allies, but the impact on gold is harder to determine. On the one hand, a less isolationist stance means higher odds that the USA will intervene if necessary. When the USA is on guard, other countries could sleep more calmly, which reduces global uncertainty. On the other hand, a more aggressive approach in foreign conflicts may imply more conflicts and geopolitical incidents. If such occur, they should increase the safe-haven demand for gold, but their positive impact should be limited to the short-term.

Second, in an Read more ... source: The Bitcoin Channel

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