Trump Muddies the Waters; What Crime is He Hiding?

After a raucous election in which Republican rallies took to chanting “Lock her up! Lock her up!” for Hillary Clinton’s usage of a private email server and for her alleged failure to act to protect embassy personnel in Benghazi, the current vice president and president seem to have a lot to answer for.

Vice President Mike Pence, it has been revealed, was using an AOL email account to conduct state business, including discussing homeland security issues, while governor of Indiana. Donald Trump in his first weeks of as president gave the go ahead to a military incursion of Yemen which the Obama administration had deemed ‘not ready,’ and then tweeted (erroneous information about) a TV appearance while the raid was ongoing. A marine lost his life during that raid.

While I’m not sure that Hillary’s crimes rose to the level of ‘lock her up,’ the one thing I can agree with the chanters before the election is that it is absolutely crucial that we hold our politicians and officials to a stringently high standard of service and ethics, and if they break our trust, they should be fired, impeached, and sent to jail. Further,

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