(+) Trading 101: Trend Analysis with Basic Charting Tools

In our previous post dealing with swing trading we laid off the basics off trends in financial markets, and now we are going one step further. Getting to know the simplest charting tools will help you in analyzing trends, refining entries and exits, and building more sophisticated strategies. What’s more, these easy-to-use tools will be helpful not just in trading, but in your long-term investment decisions as well.

For those who hear the terms “charting” and “charting tools” first, charting is the name of the analysis of price charts which contain the price history of financial assets, while charting tools are various drawings like trend-lines, chart patterns, support and resistance levels, and other visuals that traders use for their decisions.

We will get to all the different chart types (and later the hundreds of indicators that are out there), but for now, this is more than enough to progress. In fact, as you will see, keeping your analysis simple should be one of your most important long-term goals as a trader.

The Role of Charting Tools and Indicators

Before we get into the tools themselves, it’s crucial to note that charting tools and most trading indicators have one very important thing in

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