Top US Business Schools Are Racing to Incorporate Blockchain

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Top US business schools are working to incorporate blockchain and cryptography into curriculums to meet evolving employer and student demands.

As commerce and finance become more digitized, schools say they are experiencing pressure from all angles to graduate students skilled in data science areas such as blockchain, while demand for the traditional MBA skill set subsides.

The shift is being driven by the changing nature of the Wall Street and consulting jobs that MBA graduates have traditionally assumed, as well as organically evolving interests among students.

David Yermack, finance department chair at New York University’s Stern School of Business, who began teaching a course on digital currencies and blockchains in 2014, explained that the reason for this shift is that Wall Street jobs are changing.

“They really aren’t hiring generic MBAs or finance MBAs – they are hiring data scientists,” he said.

Yermack told CoinDesk:

“The result is that our students don’t want to take generic MBA courses on classical finance topics. We have courses like futures and options where the enrollment has really dropped like a stone.”

While NYU is a finance-oriented institution, technology firms like Amazon have surpassed traditional Wall Street titans like Citigroup as the leading

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