‘Top 10’ Blockchains Report Concludes: Now is the Time to Pivot

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Research and advisory firm Aite Group is preparing to release a detailed comparison of what it deems the ‘Top 10’ distributed ledger platforms suited for securities settlement.

After eight months of research, including lengthy interviews with each of the platforms included, the report’s author Javier Paz has crafted a side-by-side analysis complete with defining characteristics, ranging from the project’s consensus mechanism to business model.

At the end of the 80-page report, Paz draws a series of conclusions for sectors including regulators and cloud providers.

But, Paz reserves his sternest conclusion for financial technology vendors not yet dealing in distributed ledger, or as he calls it, elsewhere in the report, ‘chaintech’.

“Blockchain hype is high,” he writes. “But the threat to traditional fintech vendors is real.”

Paz continues:

“This is the time for vendors to pivot and decide whether to acquire or develop relevant blockchain technology, years before a vendor’s client feel that a move to blockchain technology is required.”

Path to profit

Platforms selected based on their potential to more quickly and transparently conduct post-trade securities settlement include Axoni, Chain, Digital Asset, Ethereum, Hyperledger, Nasdaq, R3, Setl, Symbiont and tØ.

The report details how each of the firms earns money, or

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