Tokenized Bitcoin Mines? New Startup Giga Watt Unveils ICO Plan

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It’s been a long road for Dave Carlson.

One of the world’s more recognizable bitcoin miners, Carlson gained global attention for his multimillion-dollar mining venture MegaBigPower during the bitcoin boom of 2014 only to almost lose the business when would-be franchise partners failed to come through on hardware purchases.

Despite professing to own tens of thousands of bitcoins and litecoins at various times, he now looks back at what he could have made if only he waited to sell.

“I worked for free for a year,” Carlson said. “Sometimes, that’s what you have to do to survive. People appealed to me to trust them and you get taken advantage of.”

But Carlson now sees new opportunity in the booming market for initial coin offerings (ICOs), the process by which technologists are creating cryptographically unique data sets, linking them to a blockchain and selling them to investors as a fundraising tool.

In this seemingly ever-expanding market, Carlson is launching a new venture. Called Giga Watt, the startup aims to fulfill Carlson’s long-time goal of democratizing access to bitcoin mining, this time by enabling investors to buy a stake in his company’s services.

At a high level, the idea is

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