Tin Draper Will Partake In A Cryptocurrency ICO

It has been a while since we last heard from Tim Draper. The billionaire Bitcoin enthusiast has kept himself out of the media for some time. It appears Draper is now investing in a new cryptocurrency, though. To be more specific, he will partake in an ICO of a coin no one has heard of so far. Now is a good time to look at what Tezos brings to the table.

It is good to hear Tim Draper still keeps an eye on cryptocurrency. However, no one expected he would invest in an upcoming ICO. Initial Coin Offerings have become all the rage in cryptocurrency as of late. Some people are concerned this is a major bubble that will cause significant financial losses, though. Moreover, new coins and tokens are created nearly every day, yet very few of them will have any value whatsoever.

Tim Draper Is Not Done With Crypto Yet

For some unknown reason, Tim Draper believes Tezos will be the coin to invest in. It will be his first ICO in history, which is quite interesting. Rather than investing more in Bitcoin, Draper feels this unknown token will

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