TicrThing: your dedicated bitcoin price ticker

Explanatory video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GV0rX4N-KJQ
IndieGoGo Campaign: https://igg.me/at/ticrthing
Official website: http://www.ticrthing.com


The TicrThing is your hands-free bitcoin companion. It is a geeky gadget that puts the bitcoin price right at your table, an eye glance away.

How it works

The cube periodically connects to your local WiFi network or hotspot, polls the bitcoin price online and displays it on the screen.


  • Distraction-free – don’t lose focus on your work
  • Wireless – no cables on your table
  • Portable – integrated rechargeable battery
  • Optimized for different viewing angles
  • OLED display – perfect visibility in bright and dark rooms
  • No additional app – just your regular browser
  • No accounts or registration needed
  • Highly configurable

Get timely warning to price swings, so that you never miss the right market opportunity to make profit. The screen flashes on large price jumps, warning you of big market moves as they happen.

TicrThing flashing

The TicrThing simplifies price watch down to a single value. No trend lines, volume depths or complex price indicators. What is the current bitcoin price? The answer is right there, anytime, without starting an app.


This project grew from our passion about the Blockchain revolution. We’ve been immersed in the cryptocurrency ecosystem long enough to know this: everyone is secretly obsessed with the bitcoin price. And we have to admit it – we too get excited watching the price roller-coaster. We wanted to create a gadget that makes the price watch as simple as checking the time. So we built the TicrThing and showcased it in our local bitcoin community, which responded with overwhelmingly positive feedback. This gave us the motivation to pursue it further. We then demonstrated our first prototypes to a broader audience at Barcelona Mini Maker Faire.

Your support will help us implement all the cool designs and features on our roadmap and bring the cube in production, so you can enjoy your hands-free bitcoin companion. Above all, your backing will enable us to share our passion with the broader cryptocurrency community and to offer our contribution to the Blockchain ecosystem.

Project timeline


By supporting our campaign you will become one of the first to receive the TicrThing. We offer the following models:

  • TicrThing Classic – Eco-friendly wooden case
  • TicrThing Core – 3D printed case from PET (recycled plastic bottles)
  • TicrThing Craft – same as Classic, but we will engrave your text, logo or QR code on the walls of your choice (left, right and/or top walls). After purchasing, send us an e-mail with your design and desired position.

In addition, we are currently evaluating prototypes of the following models:

  • Painted wood in different colors
  • Different types of wood
  • Acrylic in different colors, including transparent
  • Aluminum/metal case
  • 3D printed case from PLA in different colors


Your funding will help us improve the current prototype and bring a ton of new designs and features for the next model:

  • Support for more national and crypto currencies
  • Cloud service for more robust price polling
  • Improve connection security
  • Different case materials
  • Optimized firmware
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Improve user interface
  • Create manual, and how-to video guides
  • Wireless firmware update
  • Decreasing case dimensions

Stretch goals:

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