The PayPal Moment: When Bitcoin Met Mainstream Payments

Steve Beauregard is serial entrepreneur, co-founder of cryptocurrency payment processing startup GoCoin and chief revenue officer at Bloq. 

In this entry in CoinDesk’s “Bitcoin Milestones” series, Beauregard looks back on the day PayPal began accepting bitcoin – giving its stamp of approval to a technology many believed had the potential to disrupt it.

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It’s a Monday in Bitropolis, but not just any Monday.

For nearly three months, the GoCoin team had kept painfully silent on the biggest bitcoin news story in the industry to date. In 12 short hours, the press embargo would lift, the news would jolt the financial world and GoCoin would be cemented in history alongside BitPay and Coinbase as the startups that ushered one of the world’s largest payment companies into cryptocurrencies.

Yet, on the eve of that very announcement, our inclusion was far from certain.


When I founded GoCoin along with Brock Pierce in mid-2013, we discussed that we may be too late.

BitPay had been offering payment services to online merchants for well over a year, touting they had signed up 10,000 merchants. Coinbase announced they had signed up the first major retailer, Overstock, to accept bitcoin.


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