The Only 10 Bitcoin Stock Photos You’ll Ever See

Bitcoin: you can’t see it, you can’t touch it, but you’ve still got to find some way to illustrate an article about it day after day, week after week.

It’s actually a trade secret in the bitcoin industry that there are only 10 types of bitcoin stock image in existence, with the illusion of variety being created by making slight variations of these template pictures and hoping desperately that none of the readers will notice.

In this feature, CoinDesk explains the secret meaning behind the only bitcoin images you’ll ever see.

Be warned, the world may never look the same again.

1. The Miner

Artist / ShutterstockSentavio / Shutterstock

You know the great thing about ‘mining’ as a metaphor? There’s a ton of pictures of it.

But since modern mines actually looks like the set of a Lord of the Rings movie, it’s better to picture the golden age of mining, where a hobo with a strong back and a dream could hitch his way out to the Klondike and come back richer than your grandma’s beef stew.

What’s the hashrate of that pickaxe, pardner?

2. The Bitbrain

Artist / Shutterstock

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