The hunt for the perfect shack: Sellers try to cash in before the real estate mania slows down with rising rates and waning demand.

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Tweet on Twitter / January 8th, 2017

Why must you call it a crap shack?  In the last year people have gotten extremely sensitive when it comes to calling certain homes crap shacks.  Maybe Taco Tuesday baby boomers should drink a few more shots of tequila before jumping on the internet and being angry that they live in a $1 million crap shack.  In reality, they live on expensive dirt with a poorly designed and built property.  In the heat of a mania like the darkness of a posh L.A. club as 2AM nears, things might look better than they really are in full sunlit reality.  But this real estate pig has more makeup than a clown and it is starting to show.  The market has hyperventilated with over exuberance and some people are now cashing in their chips.  2017 is going to be an interesting year for crap shacks across America.

Pasadena love

Pasadena is a dynamic gem of a city.  But gems have blemishes too.  There is an interesting halo effect when it comes to real estate.  Dirt gets magically more expensive by zip code.  Not a shocker here.  But what is interesting is how perception changes in manias.  The public goes

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