The Fed’s Open Conspiracy / by Brian Maher via The Daily Reckoning / March 3, 2017

For such a clammed-up bunch the Fed’s been awfully gossipy lately…

They’re practically hollering a March 15 rate hike. Coincidence? It seems more like an open-air conspiracy…

But will a March rate hike start the Fed on a destructive cycle? There’s evidence for it, as you’ll see shortly. But first that open conspiracy…

Janet Yellen addressed a group in Chicago today. From which:

Given how close we are to meeting our statutory goals… we currently judge that it will be appropriate to gradually increase the federal funds rate if the economic data continue to come in about as we expect… in which case a further adjustment of the federal funds rate would likely be appropriate.

She might as well have announced a hike today. More:

San Francisco Fed head John Williams bleats a rate hike is “very much on the table for serious consideration.”

New York Fed chief William Dudley — Yellen proxy and maybe the most influential of her goons — belches that “The case for monetary policy tightening has become a lot more compelling.”


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