The AP Asked Trump’s Supporters How Feel About His War With The Press: This Is What It Found / by Tyler Durden / Feb 19, 2017 2:18 PM

While vocal critics of Donald Trump, many of them members of the media, saw in Trump’s Thursday news conference, Friday tweet in which he claimed the press was the “enemy of the American people”, and subsequent Saturday campaign speech, a combative, thin-skinned chief executive who continues to blame the media for the controversies roiling his administration, his supporters saw something else entirely: a champion of Middle America who is taking on the establishment and making good on his campaign promises to put the country first.

The Associated Press contacted Trump supporters across the country to see how they viewed Trump’s latest fued with press. Here are the views of some of those supporters:

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Richelle Kirk of Logan, West Virginia, watched some of Trump’s news conference on Thursday and didn’t see any head-scratching comments from the president.

“I back him 100 percent,” said the 42-year-old stay-at-home mom. “You either love it or get out, is my opinion.”

During Barack Obama’s presidency, her husband was laid off from his coal-mining job, a loss they blamed on Obama’s environmental policies. She said they lost a home

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