Technology Startup JAAK Introduces Blockchain For Entertainment And Media Companies

A London-based startup called JAAK has developed a blockchain for the entertainment and media companies to capture, store and verify metada using both Ethereum and Swarm, according to A Journal of Musical Things.

Swarm delivers shared equity with blockchain technology for the sharing economy, according to Angel List, a site which helps entrepreneurs and investors connect.

Partners Vaughn McKenzie and his partners Freddie Tibbles and Viktor Tron introduced JAAK at the recent European Ethereum Development Conference in Paris.

Linking Media To Metadata

JAAK, according to its Angel List listing, links media to metadata as it travels through the supply chain to the consumer. The innovation is designed to reduce complexity and inefficiency in the supply chain, allowing a frictionless, real-time transfer of payments and usage data among media companies and creators.

JAAK’s team has recognized a diversity of revenue streams associated with organizations involved in capturing, managing and using digital rights and usage metadata.

Discrepancies in the accuracy, completeness and management of such information can result in severe difficulty, if not an impossibility, when licensing content or

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