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Tweet on Twitter / By: David Chapman / 29 January 2017

Weekly Update

Week one of the Trump Presidency and already it is mired in controversy. From “fake news” to “alternative facts” we are quickly learning there is an “alternative universe” that apparently the leader of the “free world” is occupying. Speaking of “free world” we learned this week that the US had been downgraded to a “flawed democracy” by the Economist’s Intelligence Unit. Almost half the world’s countries are considered to be democracies of some sort. Only 19 including Canada are considered to be full democracies.

Controversies broke out as a result of Trump’s speech to the CIA; how many people showed up at the inauguration; the “wall” along the border of Mexico where the Mexican President cancelled a meeting with Trump as Mexico reiterated their stance that Mexico “would not pay for that wall”; his banning of Muslins from a number of Mid-East countries that resulted in chaos on the weekend; and, possibly the most egregious that “millions of people” had voted illegally in the last election without presenting any evidence. The latter was like a “wink, wink – nudge, nudge” nod of head that “we know”.

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