Technical Scoop – Weekend Update March 5 / by David Chapman / 5 March 2017

It was another Trumpian week highlighted by his speech to Congress. The speech was quite toned down from his usual Trumpian style, but then we learned that he read it from a teleprompter and it was largely written by his daughter Ivanka so that hopefully he would sound more Presidential. However, the same themes prevailed. Trump stressed the increased spending for the military, describing it as one of the largest in history (equal to about half what Russia spends), although in terms of percentage increase it wasn’t even close to being the largest. Once again he called Obamacare a “disaster”, citing statistics (based on one state) that were discovered to have been skewed when compared to other states. He raved about an increase in the murder rate in 2015–2016, ignoring the 40% decline in the rate from 1993 to 2014. He hammered away at deporting criminals and drug dealers, etc., ignoring the break-up of families, including mothers taken away from their children. He also railed over the 94 million Americans not in the labour force, ignoring the fact that it includes retirees, stay-at-home parents, students, the disabled not

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