SYRIA: ‘Racism is Still Alive in the Heart of the West’ ~ Dr Bouthaina Shaaban / Dr Bouthaina Shaaban, Political and Media Advisor to Syrian President, Bashar Al Assad / MARCH 24, 2017

Those who sit in their high towers should remember the amount of suffering they have inflicted on our people, and they most also try to realize that all humans are equal, and that the life of Palestinian, Yemeni, Syria, or Iraqi child worth the same as the life of a child in London, New York, or Paris.

Maya, an 8-year-old, told her sister Farah, a 6-year-old, that their brother Saad began to walk and talk. Saad is at his aunt’s house, while the two girls to the Martyrs’ children family, and because they missed their brother so much, they started dreaming that he is walking now. The tears and longing of millions in the Syrian diaspora pass through modern telecommunications to their friends and loved ones.

Mother’s day is upon us, and many Syrian mothers have lost their children, some were martyred, others wounded, and some left the country for various reasons. This sadness and suffering are not noticed by the so-called humanitarian organizations. However, destroying the social fabric of Syria is one of their main goals of this war,

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