Sustainable Development Through Bitcoin

A. Hannan Ismail is senior adviser for south-south and triangular cooperation at the United Nations. He has spent 25 years in government relations and public policy advisory, corporate strategy, and project management. Further, he has expertise in the field of microfinance.

In this opinion piece, Ismail looks at how bitcoin could drive the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, which are aimed to improve the prospects of everyone on the planet. 

“Never let a good crisis go to waste,” said one Winston Churchill.

To set things straight from the beginning, I don’t have a bust of the former British Prime Minister in my office. For one thing, he was rather off on his views of Mahatma Gandhi, the most influential British subject of the 20th Century.

The reason that this remark endures is obvious. We as a global community find ourselves in an accelerating centrifuge of crises that are economic, political and ultimately moral all at once.

The way out can seem to be more elusive at each turn. “Stop the world: I want to get off” isn’t an option yet, although Elon Musk is working on that one.

Disruptions abound. Disruption of the ecosystem, disruption of the political order, disruption of

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