Super DAO Completes Audits and Adjusts Timeline for Its Crowdfunding, Pokereum Poker and Dappsery Advertising DAPPS Alpha

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SuperDAO’s core components external audits were just completed by Zeppelin Smart Contracts Solutions security firm. The audited smart contract components represent the “initial DAO state” of SuperDAO. These components act as a foundation for it’s governing bylaws and an initial pre- seed budget.

The external audit process complements its already rigorous internal security practices of the team, which comprises of seasoned security consultants. SuperDAO DAO, is a decentralized governance system built to be efficient, using a multi – tiered hybrid approach. An internal core team of the most aligned interest to further the DAO and its products making everyday decisions based on reputational voting. A sovereign token (Superneum) governing layer steers the organization according to the goals and mission established at inception.

Both layers work hand in hand as a system of checks and balances to keep the organization focused on it mission. SuperDAO’s hybrid approach addresses the problem of trying to leverage the best aspects of a DAO to efficiently build and manage products that traditional startups do well and problems that typical DAOs

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