Stocks and Precious Metal Charts – Something Wicked This Way Comes

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Tweet on Twitter / 26 JANUARY 2017

The futures were gyrating after the bell as some big name companies like Paypal, Microsoft, Intel and Alphabet turn in their financial results.

The wiseguys want to unload a mass of big IPOs in the next two weeks, so they will attempt to support the markets as long as nothing happens to make that too difficult.

I suspect that the Republican dominated Congress will do their best to ruin the economy. I wonder how much Trump may fall into line, or pursue his own instincts and legacy.

The Democrats are virtually sidelined, as they only slowly begin to digest the consequences of the failure of their neo-liberal economics, world power ambitions, and the ‘better of two evils’ political strategies.

Greed prevails as fear recedes. The ‘establishment’ is firmly mired in denial of their failing policies.

Something wicked this way comes.


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