Stegoseed: Hiding Bitcoin Seed Keys In Plain Sight

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James Stanley, a Bristol-based software developer, has developed a tool that steganographically encodes Bitcoin wallet seeds. Stegoseed essentially gives Bitcoin users the ability to hide funds in plain sight.

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Steganographically Concealing Bitcoin Seeds

Stegoseed: Hiding Bitcoin Seeds In Plain Sight
James Stanley creator of stegoseed.

Stanley’s stegoseed is a tool that enables Bitcoin users to encode and decode BIP39 seeds steganographically. Steganography is the art of concealing images, messages, files, or video within another one of these four mediums. The practice of obscuring messages in this fashion was first recorded in 440 BC.

Stegoseed allows users to hide a seed phrase in randomly-generated text, or hide the seed in an existing piece of text. The output stegoseed creates is a series of

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