Sprite, Lightning, and Block Size – Towards a Bitcoin Scaling Solution

In one of Andreas Antonopoulos’ regular speeches, he likes to talk about the problem of Bitcoin scaling. In short, he says that the problem of scaling is a good one to have, as it means that there are people to want to use the use the network. And he says that Bitcoin will fail to scale – until something happens and it does. And then it will fail to scale again, until it does. And it will continue to fail to scale, all the way up until the point where it becomes a worldwide, if not world, currency.

The ‘something that happens’ may be something people are already working on, or an idea or innovation that seemingly comes out of nowhere–but all of a sudden, Bitcoin will find a way to grow and meet demand until the next time it fails to scale. Right now, the main ideas for scaling begin with Segwit, which is not so much scaling as fitting more information into the Bitcoin blocks, and which also provides a number of other fixes and innovations to the Bitcoin protocol, moves to Lighting, a system of off-chain

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