(+) Silkroad-Like Drug Market AlphaBay Starts Accepting Ethereum

AlphaBay, one of the more popular silkroad-like drug market operating on the darknet has begun processing eth deposits and withdrawals for purchases. An AlphaBay representative publicly stated:

“We are happy to announce that Ethereum transactions are now live on Alphabay! You can now purchase your drugs using Ethereum. The minimum deposit and withdrawal amount is 0.1 ETH…

Additionally, we have designed a mixer that will allow you to mix your Ethereum in order to hide the origin of the coins. The mixing is done automatically so simply depositing and withdrawing your coins will mix them. However, for a better obfuscation, you should use a second service as well. The mixer can only work as well as the number of users making use of it.”

The ethereum community wasn’t too happy about the news, but no one asked them, just as AlphaBay did not ask Apple if they can use their iPhones or Microsoft if they can use their laptops or BMW if they can use their cars. Like everyone else, they want the latest and best cool tech too, boasting in their announcement that a transaction would complete in minutes.

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