Should ViaBTC Stop Opposing Segregated Witness for Bitcoin Scaling?

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The ViaBTC Transaction Accelerator has proven to be quite a successful service over the past few months. One downside to this system is how only 100 transactions can be boosted every single hour. In a recent tweet, the company complains about how they are hitting this glass ceiling nearly every hour. It would be better if such a service is not needed in the first place.

The only reason why the ViaBTC Transaction Accelerator is popular is due to recurring network congestions. Once bitcoin scales properly, there will be no further need to accelerate transactions, rendering this service useless. The only way to achieve that goal is by having bitcoin scale, yet ViaBTC is one of the mining pools opposing this change. A lot of Twitter comments echo this sentiment, as people feel ViaBTC should just embrace SegWit.

Rest assured that will not happen anytime soon, though. ViaBTC will continue to support Bitcoin Unlimited, even though that solution has little chance to activate on the network. Instead of supporting the only tested – and perhaps viable – solution to scale bitcoin, ViaBTC opposes the idea entirely. Complaining about how they are hitting the service’s limit is not

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