SegWit Continues To Gain Support Among Bitcoin Community Members

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Ever since the signaling for Segregated Witness began, there have been some doubts regarding its chances of success. Looking over the Bitcoin Core adoption page, it is clear quite a few companies and mining pools are in favor of embracing this solution. Several of them have completed the process, whereas others are still adding the final touches. But does all of this even matter if the community remains divided on this course of action?

Consensus Means Community Support

Reaching an agreement over whether or not Segregated Witness is the best course of action for bitcoin development will be virtually impossible. Even though the number of companies and mining pools supporting SegWit is growing, the community remains divided. Bitcoin is a protocol that hinges on its community, and any division among members is a cause for concern.

Although the eventual “decision” will be made by the Bitcoin miners, they have a responsibility to bear as well. Miners are well aware of how the community feels about SegWit right now, and pools should not signal support of not all of their members are on board. The only Bitcoin mining pool honoring this decision is

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