Scaling Revisited: What If Bitcoin’s Big ‘Problem’ is its Great Strength?

satoshi roundtable

“Maybe it’s not as big a problem as we think it is.”

That sentiment, summed up by bitcoin lending startup founder Shawn Owen, was one of the more notable threads to emerge yesterday at the third annual Satoshi Roundtable, one that followed nearly six hours of debate on challenges facing the technology.

A gathering for well-connected early adopters, top technical minds and institutional evangelists in sunny Cancun, Mexico, the event played host to discussions on a diverse set of issues (token sales, regulation, policy, etc). However, scaling, or the means by which the open-source technology’s rules could be altered to accommodate more users, was high on the agenda.

Though short on conclusions (perhaps owing to issues with this approach in last year), the discussion was notable for its range of approaches to the topic.

Far from just a technical problem, though, there seems to be a sense among bitcoin’s avid supporters that the current challenges are more philosophical and social, made worse by entrenched interests who have an economic incentive for their opinions.

Chief among the topics up for discussion was the state of industry dialogue itself, with advocates from bitcoin’s main technological camps – those in

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