Respectonomy Social Network Eliminates Censorship Using PoW Blockchain

Respectonomy, a decentralized, self-moderated social network, will allow users the freedom to share content without any fear of censorship and be rewarded for it. The developers of this soon-to-be-released network believe it will be the first to remove all forms of censorship.

The open-source, browser-based network assigns value to data and offers a mechanism for fairly compensating data bandwidth availability. It uses a proof of work (PoW) blockchain and the Bittorrent protocol to determine the value of the RES tokens that run the system.

The independent token, unlike colored coins, allows for a closed network with a dynamic membership of parties that determine its true value.

Setting A New Standard

Since social networks on the Internet are generally free to use, they find they must find ways to prevent trollers and spammers from posting content. Some sites use some type of voting. Some use censorship.

Others use a reputation-based system since a person’s reputation offers an indication of the quality of their future content, but this method is not always accurate since content can be

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