Regulating Ethereum? EU Parliament Weighs Blockchain’s Big Issues

“When and how should governments intervene?”

With that question, MEP Jakob von Weizsäcker kicked off a session of discussion yesterday held at the European Parliament (EP) and centered on the future of blockchain regulation in the 28-nation economic bloc.

The “Spotlight on Blockchain” workshop, hosted jointly by the European Parliament and the European Commission, gathered representatives from across the blockchain sector to discuss use cases and platform security.

Part of the program of the Blockchain Observatory, a formal fact-finding initiative launched in April and funded with €500,000, the aim was to cautiously approach the who, what and why of blockchain legislation.

As such, von Weizsäcker went on to posit an answer to his question:

“It’s probably too early to intervene at this stage, because we as legislators don’t yet see sufficiently clearly to know what the main issues are going to be – so in order to not to stifle innovation, we don’t want it to be now.”

Peteris Zilgalvis, head of the European Commission’s Startups and Innovation Unit, explained that the term ‘workshop’ was chosen to reflect the collaborative intention of the session.

“We don’t want to just talk. We also want to listen, and we want to enable,” Zilgalvis told CoinDesk.


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