Radiation, Racism, and the Return of Hillary Clinton

theorganicprepper.ca / Daisy Luther / February 26, 2017

Survival Saturday (or in this case, Survival Sunday) is a round-up of the week’s news and resources for folks who are interested in being prepared.

This Week in the News

This week on Survival Sunday, we’ll talk about the three Rs of the week. Radiation, Racism, and the horror-movie style Return of Hillary Rodham Clinton. As well, we’ll talk about preparedness in the face of the climate of incivility affecting America and I’ll share links to some other articles of interest.

What Is Causing the Mysterious Radiation Spike Across Europe?

Iodine-131 is a manmade radioactive material, and it is mysteriously creeping across the European continent toward the UK. Although a spike was initially discovered in Norway in January, authorities only announced it a few days ago after it had spread. (source)

Alarmingly, no one knows where it came from.  Here are a handful of theories:

One of the first theories to crop up, was that perhaps the Russians had conducted some kind of illegal nuclear test. But if that were the case, then the Iodine-131 would be accompanied by other radioactive materials. In any case, it’s widely believed that the radiation really is coming from somewhere in eastern Europe,

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