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Vit Jedlicka, the first president of Liberland, is working hard to create a utopia on what he believes is unclaimed land between Croatia and Serbia, according to the BBC. The utopia would have bitcoin as its currency and there would be no mandatory taxes or gun control.

The land in question includes 2.5 square miles of uninhabited marshland.

Jedlicka and a group of three friends planted a flag on the land in 2015 and elected him the president. He has since signed up close to half a million citizens online and has appointed ambassadors-in-waiting and a cabinet.

Jedlicka has raised funds from rich libertarians and through crowdfunding. He has also printed passports.

Croatia Bans Occupation

But no one has been allowed to occupy the territory.

The land’s borders were redrawn at the end of the Yugoslav civil war in the 1990s, at which time it switched from Serbia to Croatia.



Croatia, however, did not want the land since it would have had to accept new borders giving it less territory. Serbia wanted the

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