OpenBazaar Offers The Decentralized Free Trade Platform Silk Road Never Could Be

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Ever since OpenBazaar launched, people have been drawing parallels to Silk Road. Both projects offer a marketplace system, where people can buy and sell anything and everything. No strict rules are enforced, and Bitcoin is the only accepted currency. But other than that, both platforms could not be more different from one another.

Despite the success of Silk Road, the platform was not decentralized by any means. The vast majority of darknet marketplaces are hosted on servers that are theoretically off-limits, but in reality, are very different. It is possible to keep switching servers and run such a platform locally, but that only paints a bigger bull’s eye on the administrator’s back.

OpenBazaar, on the other hand, exists solely on the Bitcoin blockchain, without hackable servers involved. This aspect alone makes it “better’ than Silk Road, even though that platform will always be dear to Bitcoin enthusiasts’ hearts. Moreover, no one at OpenBazaar controls user funds, whereas Silk Road offered an escrow system controlled by Ross Ulbricht and his moderators.

OpenBazaar Is Not Your Next Silk Road Clone

The difference between a website and a decentralized platform could not be greater. Peer-to-peer accessibility is virtually impossible to

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