Nunes Refuses To Share Intelligence Source With Other Committee Members / by Tyler Durden / Mar 28, 2017 5:06 PM

In the latest bizarre twist surrounding the Devin Nunes story involving “mysterious” sources at the White House, who disclosed to the republican chair of the House Intelligence Committee that the NSA had been surveilling Trump and/or members of his team, Nunes said on Tuesday he will not share – even with other members of his panel – the source that gave him the intelligence reports which indicated President Donald Trump and his associates may have been ensnared in incidental intelligence collection.

Asked by a Fox News reporter whether he would inform the other committee members about who gave him the reports he viewed on the White House grounds last week, Nunes said: “We will never reveal those sources and methods.”

In other words either Nunes is concerned that the source might be in jeopardy should his ID be revealed to members of his own committee, or the source – as some have suggested – is the White House itself, or there is some even more troubling explanation why the House Intel Chief has taken it on himself to be the sole gatekeeper to

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