Nigerian Bankers Committee Plans to Legalize Bitcoin

Quite a few countries are contemplating how they should treat bitcoin moving forward. Cryptocurrency poses intriguing opportunities, yet it is difficult to regulate as there is no centralized entity controlling the ecosystem. Nigerian banks are contemplating to legalize bitcoin, which would give the popular cryptocurrency a significant boost, to say the least.

Nigeria Has Plans with Bitcoin

It is not the first time someone brings up the concept of Nigerian banks legalizing bitcoin. The same idea was proposed several months ago. Albert no one saw this as a hint of what the future could hold, it would appear various Nigerian banks are thinking along the same lines. This development caught quite a few people by surprise, even though it makes a lot of sense.

An article appeared in The Inquirer, which talks about how the Nigerian Bankers Committee is studying blockchain technology. That is anything but surprising, as nearly every bank around the world is well aware of what distributed ledgers bring to the table. However, there has not been any major product to come forth from this interest so far. Experts predict a few of these blockchain applications will see the light of day in 2017, albeit that remains to be seen

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