Next big thing in gambling? BitDice Casino might have an answer.

There are numerous casinos, you hardly can distinguish one from another. Same games, same rules, same verifications, and limits. Same bonuses, where terms are buried on the 20th page of the ToS with the smallest text you barely can see.

Broke some rules? You only know when you will try to withdraw. Then your account will be instantly locked and you will spend weeks just to get some reply that you’ve made some bet which was a bit higher their rules, so your bonus, profit, and even deposit are seized.

BitDice Casino was made by players for players. Back in 2014, they opened with a simple Hi-Low (Dice) game on Bitcoins. Within the past three years, they hosted bets for 250.000 BTC (~292.500.000 USD). Some players, according to the data provided by BitDice, have even won whoppings amounts of over 300( and 500 ( Bitcoins and what’s more incredible were paid in full within hours. Can you name any other casino which can do the same?

Fast-forward to today it’s one of the most sophisticated casino platforms, let’s check what’s so cool there.

•    Lowest house edge of 1%

•    They provide Loss Back and Bet Back bonuses

•    You can level-up and receive

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