New OSX Malware Uses Tor and a MITM Proxy

Years ago, many believed Apple’s OSX was immune to viruses or malware. However in 2014 and 2015, this notion changed even though Mac specific infections existed since the early 2000s. But between 2014 and 2015, reported infections more than doubled. But because of timely security updates, among other factors, MacOS or OSX still remained more secure than some alternative operating systems. The times changed as market saturation occurred. For instance, researchers at Check Point recently discovered a new strain of malware that targeted all versions OSX.

Known as OSX/Dok, the malware is currently one of a kind. As of the Check Point announcement, VirusTotal is unaware of the malware—it shows zero detections. Furthermore, the malware uses an active, valid developer certificate, “and is the first major scale malware to target OSX users via a coordinated email phishing campaign.”

According to a 2015 report from Bit9 and Carbon Black, Apple machines running OSX were vulnerable to a backdoor trojan called Lamadai thanks to a Java exploit; a government computer trojan called Appetite; and a Bitcoin targeting piece of malware called Coin Thief.

Check Point’s most recent discovery targets a user’s internet traffic. But

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