Microsoft Unveils Project Manifest, A Plan For Blockchain Product Tracking


Technology originally developed to help NASA communicate with deep space probes now lies at the heart of a new Microsoft blockchain project that would track products as they move around the world.

But more than that, Microsoft’s Project Manifest, unveiled today, could eventually help ensure the origin of the products used to create goods and the labor used to build them conform to a company’s ethical standards.

Built via an initial partnership with Los Angeles-based Mojix, Project Manifest leverages the startup’s widely used Internet of Things (IoT) platform, which is currently being integrated with the ethereum blockchain to help factories, distribution centers and retailers track goods using radio frequency identification (RFID) devices.

The RFID implementation has the potential to inform every member of the supply chain the moment a shipped product goes missing, according to the firms involved.

In interview, Microsoft’s global business strategist, Yorke Rhodes, explained why the new partnership was chosen to become the cornerstone of future supply chain implementations.

Rhodes told CoinDesk:

“Project Manifest is actually designed to look at the challenges of visibility in the supply chain. One of the reasons why we worked with Mojix is because they already have technology and

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