Melonport Launches Polkadot Based Melon Cryptoasset Management Software

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Melonport, a Swiss company has announced the upcoming launch of its Melon software for crypto-asset managers in partnership with Dr. Gavin Wood. The one of a kind platform is built on the revolutionary Polkadot multi-chain network created by the former Chief Technology Officer of Ethereum Platform.

Dr. Gavin Wood, apart from being one of the leading names behind Ethereum network is also the founder of EthCore, also known as Parity. The Polkadot multi-chain framework is designed to support a variety of blockchains without hassles as long as they conform to certain specifications. With Melon, cryptocurrency portfolio managers are offered a secure, user-friendly access to the decentralized blockchain infrastructure that allows them to manage and invest in crypto-portfolios similar to that of conventional hedge funds.

Melon uses a modular infrastructure with certain rule sets that governs the operation of crypto assets on the platform. The infrastructure of Melon is designed in a way to allow opinion on important information aspects like price feed sources, exchanges, management fees and more. Being a blockchain based system dealing with cryptocurrencies, Melon offers unprecedented transparency to various asset management roles like setting up and managing portfolios, creating and building up on the track records

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