Maddoff Ponzi Scheme Victim Jumps to His Death in NYC / Dr. Fly / Mar 28, 2017

On paper, Charles Murphy had it all. He was a tall good looking man, father of two, educated at Harvard and MIT — married to a beautiful woman. He lived in a limestone Victorian era mansion in NYC that was for sale for $36 million. He was employed at Paulson and Co. where he was a partner and rubbed shoulders with the elite.

At 4:42pm today, donning a navy blue suit, Charles jumped to his death from the Sofitel Hotel in midtown Manhattan, from the 24th floor.

Why would he do such a thing?

Back in 2008, he fell victim to scumbag Bernie Maddoff and lost an astounding $7.5b in assets from his feeder fund — Fairfield Greenwich — making it the biggest loser in the Madoff scandal. In 2013, Fairfield Greenwich settled a class action suit for $80m for failure to protect client assets. His fatal mistake was believing the horseshit coming out of Bernie’s mouth.

As for his mansion, he bought it in 2007 for $33m. He tried to sell it last year for $50m — but the high price tag didn’t attract buyers. There’s a very limited market for ultra-high end

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