Livecoin Adds PIVX Trading Pairs, Includes Direct Purchases with Fiat

PIVX, an up and coming privacy-focused cryptocurrency, announced it will be trading on the Livecoin exchange, allowing investors and traders to buy PIVX with fiat, bitcoin, and altcoins.

The latest development follows on from PIVX being added to popular altcoin exchange service Changelly, and highlights the groing interest and reach of the newly formed code fork of DASH. Livecoin will offer several PIVX trading pairs including PIVX/BTC, PIVX/USD, PIVX/EUR, PIVX/RUR, PIVX/ETH, PIVX/DASH and PIVX/XMR.With fiat pairs such as the US Dollar and the euro, Livecoin will allow those interested in PIVX to sidestep bitcoin and purchase directly with fiat.

What is PIVX?

PIVX is a code fork of the anonymous cryptocurrency DASH but rather than using a Proof-Of-Work consensus, Proof-Of-Stake is used instead, which means PIVX’s coins are not mineable using hardware. Alternatively, PIVX are earned as a reward for holding the cryptocurrency in your wallet, referred to as staking and provides a much more environmentally-friendly alternative to Proof-Of-Work; no significant amounts of electricity are needed as is the case for bitcoin, characterized by Proof-Of-Work.

The developers based PIVX on Bitcoin core 0.10.x and DASH’s original technical features, such as the use

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