Litecoin Price Staggers Despite Bitcoin Correction And Wave of …

People who have been keeping an eye on the Litecoin price as of late may show small signs of concern. Even though Bitcoin’s value is dropping, LTC’s price does not seem to go up by any means. Instead, it seems both BTC and LTC are dropping in value simultaneously, which is rather surprising. There is no shortage of good news, though, which makes this pullback even stranger.

Litecoin Faces Some Struggles Right Now

There is always more to a particular cryptocurrency than just the price. Everyone who has been around in the world of crypto for longer than two weeks will gladly acknowledge this fact. Litecoin has an incredibly solid reputation, and there is a lot of good news happening as of late. Unfortunately, the value per LTC does not reflect this by any means right now, which is surprising.

A lot of exchanges have been seeing an influx in Litecoin trading as of late. The popular altcoin is now supported on BitPanda as well, which is one of Europe’s largest broker platforms. Additionally, it appears trading volume in Japan and Korea has been picking up as

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