Komodo Aims to Make Blockchain Accessible to Everyone with Its Cryptocurrency Platform

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As repeated many times in the past, not all cryptocurrencies are made equal. But Komodo, the ZCash based platform is going to change that. Following its “Blockchain for Everyone” mission, the platform now enables other cryptocurrencies to make use of its infrastructure for additional security and reliability.

By using the features provided by Komodo platform, other cryptocurrencies can easily improve their adoption while ensuring customer satisfaction. The Komodo crypto token powered blockchain platform is also designed to protect the privacy of its users with zero knowledge proofs — inherited from the ZCash project. The same feature also protects the network from double spending and hacking attacks.

Komodo offers a way for the cryptocurrencies to harness the power of Bitcoin blockchain at a fraction of the standard Bitcoin transaction fees. The Notary Nodes on the Komodo platform users the Delayed Proof of Work notarization process to include the blockchain data from Komodo platform to the Bitcoin blockchain. The Bitcoin blockchain, due to its increased adoption and hashing power is by default the most secure distributed ledger at the moment.

In order to make the platform more robust and user-friendly, the developers behind Komodo have also released an easy-to-use Iguana multi-wallet that can support a range of cryptocurrencies.

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