Italian Taxi Firm Now Accepts Bitcoin

Italy’s biggest taxi firm, Cooperative RadioTaxi 3570, announced earlier this month that it is now accepting the digital currency, bitcoin, as a form of payment to its customers, according to

With 3,700 cars in the capital of Italy, answering 30,000 calls a day, and providing more than 10,000,000 taxi services throughout a year, it is the biggest taxi firm in Europe. This announcement further expands the companies reach at a time when bitcoin’s growth shows no signs of slowing.

Bitcoin Made Possible

Through the partnership with Chainside, a startup located in London and Italy that enables companies to accept bitcoin, the taxi firm has successfully extended their payment reach to include bitcoin. Its other payment choices include credit card, PayPal, and Bancomat.

In September, Chainside joined up with the founder of the Italian Union of Radio Cabs (URI), Loreno Bittarelli. He is also the president of RadioTaxi 3570.


Last year, RadioTaxi 3570 and Chainside, co-hosted a hackathon for the taxi industry in Rome called ‘TaxiHack’. The hackathon was a first for the industry that drew on new ideas for the taxi industry, which saw the winner as BitTaxi, an app that allows customers to pay with bitcoin for the

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